Sunday, August 5, 2012

#HeroTV #Pakistan - A TV Channel with NO INFORMATION online!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and so many other applications of Web2.0 we come across every day. Regardless of knowing what all they are meant for people just use it because they are considered to be the fastest way of information exchange. In Pakistan, if you consider the percentage of people using Facebook is lot more than any other Web 2.0 applications. I see people starting up their businesses through Facebook which is a great sign, it brings in the employment opportunities for the application developers and so on and so forth, but that is not I will be sharing today.

According to the article published in by Tribune in February 2012, there are 6 million Facebook users in Pakistan, in which 1.9 Million are women and remaining are men. 6 million is a good figure for the marketers to play its card right to target the right TG (Target Group), and that what we all see these. Very often we see the teasers on our SNS’s (Social Networking Sites) that tested by the marketers about the response of the product/ service by the TG.

Recently, we saw this teaser of new Channel called HeroTV on the Facebook featuring Veena Malik with an exotic make over and one tear falling from her tear A GREAT RESPONSE! No doubt in that, viewership of that teaser was insane, this obviously predicted that the show will be a HIT no matter how much it will be criticized. Than we heard the news that the Veena Malik is no more part of it and again today I saw that it is on air, which clears all the misconception that no matter how much you offend on SNSs you can never put the bad-man down in the country like Pakistan.

I am based in Glasgow, United Kingdom and today I saw a viral video of the show in which Veena Malik is crying and a Mualana Sahab is sitting in the show to answer the queries of people. Since, the time the teaser of this show was launched I tried to look for the company which owns this channel. I just could not find anything on Google. The channel does not even have a website, there Facebook page does not even have the company information that who are the owners and who are stakeholders of this channel. Then I came across the Express News TV page on the Wikipedia and found out that Hero TV is there collaboration, it states as, EMG is now launching new channel named Hero Tv, an infotainment channel, from 5 June 2012”, (Wikipedia). It comes as a shock to me although I do not totally agree with the information available at the Wikipedia but I would like to ask anyone who can tell me that if this information is correct or not.

It is so ridiculous that people don’t even care about what is happening and how it is affecting our society, the major stakeholders of the society the people who can run the television channels are just busy in selling the spots and raising money and the advertisers are flowing money like anything just to have their product/service on TV. There is so many ways that an effective marketing can be done but the seth-sahab environment will always pull-back Pakistan and will never let the young talent to show their creativity.
In the end I would like to ask the users of SNS, how many of you people raised the question to know the people who are behind the channel HeroTV and expose them. We have the power to write and spread the information and that can change the stage play but only if we would want to do it.

Ahsan Mateen

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