Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Search Engine and Video Conferencing to Google It and Skype

Over the course of time, I have seen things changing; from generic name to the brand names are more emphasized by people because the brand name eliminates all the doubts related to the generic names. The strong brand names can be Pampers by P&G of which generic name is Diapers.

In the last decade with the technological or internet boom have changed and increased our vocabulary to define things. Being a baby-boomer we have lived 2 generations all together. We have seen the world without internet being easily available; we have seen mobile phone technology advancement and we have seen fast moving world.

The evolving words and their meaning have been a vital part of our dictionaries, an ordinary search engine Google is not itself a billion dollar organization but that is not we are emphasizing here. Google started by the two people in their garage is now a billion dollar organization. The journey started with a search engine and now that search engine has replaced the generic name to the brand itself, ‘Google it’. The company relies with the strong brand image which helps them to build the whole empire over a search engine.

Internet made it very convenient for its users to do video-conferencing. Mostly the popular instant messengers started with the option for video conferencing like most popular one were MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and etc. but Skype came in 2003 and now it has completely changed the perspective of Video Conferencing. Now, we say let’s Skype rather than video-conferencing.

The brand names are becoming big and bigger day by day. We are involving them in our daily lives and we are getting highly dependent on them but still we always have the alternatives in the internet business...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Google acquiring Motorola

The news of Google acquiring Motorola has taken a lot of hype since last August when Google announced to takeover the Mobile Manufacturing department of Motorola. Now, On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Justice Department would likely approve the $12.5 billion acquisition next week.

The Reuter's article, citing "two people with knowledge of the matter," reported that the European Union's approval would be "unconditional." Rivals had been pushing for restrictions to prevent Google from unfairly promoting its products.

Google have always been in making the software, the Android Operating System which was tested on the Motorola. The acquisition will help Google to develop its hardware side but with no as such knowledge and the expertise in the hardware side can also be a back-draw for the giant Google. 

Motorola, itself was never successful in the mobile phone industry because of their designs and features, after the acquisition Google would have to invest in the research and development of Motorola. It is a risky deal for Google.! 

The stock price of the Motorola might also increase as the approval of acquisition undertakes which will be beneficial for Google. 

I have crossed my fingers and have full faith in Google they can bring the trickle down effect in Motorola but you never know how the market evolves because there is a big difference in Software & Hardware...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Facebook IPO... A good option or not?

Initial public offerings often capture the public's attention, but they're not always good investments. A dollar invested in’s 1997 IPO would today be worth about $140. 

Facebook’s IPO would be the biggest ever by an Internet or technology company. The portal have the 800+ million user around the globe but still many of the emerging countries are not being counted in the league namely China; being the most populated country runs their own alternative to Facebook same with Russia. 

The uncertainty of the Facebook IPO is very much high because the average age user of the Facebook is 35 and we are only talking about the users here and it is not confirmed that those users will be interested in buying the stock of Facebook because it is used for fun in the emerging markets. 

My opinion over the Facebook initial public offering is that it is not a strong company as Google and it is like a bubble which is playing its card on the usage per user. Now, even the users are not comfortable with the policy they have privacy protection which gives an other turn to the Facebook company itself. 

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