Thursday, October 11, 2012


I come from the generation, in which I have seen things innovating and changing with time. I have seen the time when the camera's use to have films, after sometime floppy disk were used in camera, than digital camera. Today, the mobile phones are intact with the high definition cameras in them. The most recent is the tablets with camera feature in them. 

Recently, I was travelling in the Schengen states, and came across many people who are using tablets as the medium of taking the pictures. A tourist asked me to take the picture for him in Paris at a basilica, while holding the tablet in my hand and clicking the picture, the feeling was a bit odd to be very honest. I do not own any tablet probably that is the reason why. 

I have been fond of photography since I was a teen. Taking picture from my elders brothers floppy camera and later on with digital camera built my love for photography from there. With my first job saving I bought myself a beginner Canon 1000D and since than I am planning to upgrade it but it cost a lot of money but still I am using my Canon to click the pictures. 

Now, people do not carry camera with them because they have that utility in their mobile phones they are carrying with them most of time and now the tablet computers which people carry with them. It makes it easier for the user to arrange their library with the tablets. I do not oppose the tablets or mobile phones, but what I see is that this is affecting the love for photography in people, whereas it is letting people capture their memory at their ease. My argument is with the people who uses their tablet computers to take pictures or make long movies in the crowd while the people who are sitting behind them are just viewing from their tablet computer screen, that is annoying which the people who use them does not realize because they are busy doing what they are doing.

People should think about that there are many people behind the screen of their tablet and the tablet cover.


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