Saturday, March 30, 2013

Karachi Specific: Construction at Baloch Colony

That is our very famous Baloch Express-way, I think that is what it is called but whatever!? Not my concern. These days if you cross this place you find some construction is underway which must solve the commuting traffic in the long-run that's what i hope.

The other day I was passing by this place after work at around 5:30 and it took me 40 minutes to just cross this truck because the traffic was jam from KPT bridge (Imtiaz Supermarket) till here. It is three lane road but because of the construction it has become 2 lane road and above that if you can see the cement truck standing in the middle making it a single lane to cross it. I just laughed when I crossed the truck because the whole road was empty after that till Tipu Sultan Road signal.

Construction is a good-thing it will eventually solve the accidents on this roads or help the commuting traffic to go home hassle-free but working at the peak hour when cars at the maximum number on the road was just a joke that made me laugh.

Drive Safe guys!

Pakistan Zindabad.

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