Friday, April 26, 2013

Food Delivery in Pakistan -

After living like 2 years in United Kingdom and getting so much accquainted with, it was a step back at my home town Pakistan. Life was so easy back in UK you just make your order online and get it delivered at your door-steps. 

But Pakistan, is now no more lacking behind in the food-delivery business because I came across this website called they are just awesome!!! you just have to follow 3 steps. STEP 1: Select area of delivery, STEP 2: Dig into the menu's of the restaurants delivering in your area and STEP 3: Get it delivered to your DOOR-STEP - that is it... 
They are just a new-bee right now but what is the best part about them is I see every week different menu's and cuisines uploading on their portal.. Now, let's justeat through! 

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